US Presidents Make Bomb Ass Steak Ad For Chinese Restaurant

Well, hellooo world! I guess it’s about time I “xedule” some time in and post something.

Last year I was traveling with a few friends in China and we saw some very interesting and some not so interesting things. I won’t share the not so interesting things with you, lest you decide on never visiting China. But anyway, being in the advertising industry and an American, I thought it was amusing to see our current and former Presidents being used on an ad in China.

Above, you can see this restaurant charges 98RNB a steak meal (about 6USD). That’s one cheap steak meal when you compare it to a standard US steak meal, but for the general Chinese population who makes about $20 to $100 USD a month – that’s a lot of money.

Can you imagine President Obama going for a tour in China and sees his face on a steak ad?   I wonder if he’ll get to eat there for free or have to pay the full price like every other person.

If you’ve seen any other famous people being used in ads without their knowledge, post a picture here!

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